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Musicians and enthusiasts, it’s time to engage! Welcome to Melopond, the only online platform that caters to multiple needs of the Music Fraternity! Melopond facilitates musicians in Networking, Hiring and guess we even feature them on our exclusive radio station. Melopond is a marketplace for musicians and independent artists to showcase their work. For enthusiasts, it’s a treasure chest to access music, find best Indian Music online, and hire Musicians,music bands.Musicians, a treasure trove for independent music, and a platform for artists to engage with the crowd. Become a part of an exclusive community that explores the best of compositions from Independent Artists from across the country.

Whats in for Musicians

Musicians - Melopond showcases your composition to the right crowd that recognizes and appreciates you. Take part in our online Music contests, win exciting prizes and get recognized! Don't miss the opportunity to play your sounds live in exclusive arenas. Seize the opportunity to be featured on our marketplace and get famous! For the rest of the folks we help you make your occasions musical. Hire Musicians through Melopond for your parties or projects (Inc. advertisements, BGM, etc...). Listen to a wide range of musicians for events before you make the right choice.

Whats in for Listener

Bored of listening to contemporary music? Looking for something new? Well, look no further. Melopond Radio Station is here! Be the first to explore the best collection of independent music on Melopond's Radio Station. Melopond brings to you the finest of independent artists on its Radio station, where you have the choice to pick what you would like to listen to from an array of Genre and Feelings.

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A musician with professional experience in market research and interest in branding

Kushagra is a management graduate with 4.5 years of professional experience in project management and analytics, he has done projects for FMCG giants in US industry.

To bridge the gap between musicians and listeners, Melopond Idea came to him as a remedy! where musicians and listeners get the power to share and experience music through a curated online radio and hire musicians service, giving listeners an opportunity to experience musicians across genre and language live.

He firmly believes that "Live experience can never be recorded".

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Rahul Rajamuthiah


Retailer, with 20+ years of hands-on functional experience in Operations, Merchandising, Logistics, & Marketing

Worked with Organisation’s like Shopper’s Stop, Reliance Infocomm and the Future Group

Ardent Reader, Certified trainer and now an entrepreneur trying to create value using modern technology. With experience across categories like apparel, Footwear, Sportswear, Books and Mobiles, Rahul understands the game of assortment, merchandise planning and customer buying behaviour

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Abhishek Prasad

Brand Manager

Abhishek Prasad has 10+ years of corporate experience including Financial Research, Corporate Finance and Presales with organizations like D.E. Shaw India, TCS and Genpact.

The real passion has always been music which he started pursuing since 2015 but a rare neurological disorder in his fingers made him unable to play guitar and he had to undergo a brain surgery in 2017 to cure that disorder. His brain surgery was covered by all the leading news agencies across the world and he is now referred to as "The man who played guitar during his brain surgery".

To continue with his passion for music, he has joined the Melopond team which is committed to promote music and help musicians in this country.

BBC News talks about Abhishek Click Here

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Tanu Singh


8+ years of program management and analytics experience, with technical and strong consulting base to support business needs. Knowledge and experience in project management, modeling, analytics, consulting for FMCG giants across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

Passionate about music and dreams of creating new ideas and culture among music creators and listeners

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